Not only are oil free parts readily available we are expanding our spare parts offers  in 2019 

With new additions to our spare parts range we can offer many more parts than previously and you can search on line and make orders 24/7 

The addition of fast-moving filters from MANN and our new Separator range has necessitated the need for additional stock space. in our building 

With compressor lubricants quickly becoming a best seller we intend increasing our stock levels each month to cope with the increased demand on this product.

Mark Whalley BDM commented. " We have seen a marked increase in these products since the demise of CAPS UK and have picked up the ball to be able to deliver a quality product to new customers that have come on stream in 2018. With the imminent launch of our new web site and stores extensions in 2019 we will be ready to handle an influx of new inquiry's whilst avoiding length lead times for our customers new and old"