Ztechnique Compression Elements

Ztechnique supply replacement new and refurbished Atlas Copco & GHH oil free compression stages for equipment such as ZA ZR ZT ZE Atlas Copco models and Ingersoll Rand, Compair, BOGE, etc oil free compressors using the GHH air end design.

Our long history of producing air ends for these manufacturers oil free compressors has resulted in thousands of Ztechnique alternative air ends working in factories all over the World.

Some of the companies that have purchased air ends from Ztechnique are Ball Packaging, Crown, Can-Pack, Quorn , Cadburys, InBev, Dalkia, Greenfield France, to name just a few blue chip manufacturers that have benefited from the costs savings only Ztechnique can provide in the alternative oil free spare parts business.

Our products can surpass 50,000 hrs run* providing the manufacturers service schedules are adhered to and that the running parameters meet satisfactory standards*

We offer a Worldwide install service with Ztechnique distributors in more than 17 countries in 2019 and growing each year.

Our distributors are trained to install our products and carry out annual services as required to ensure our warranty is maintained to you this customer.

each year we run at least 6 training schools for oil free service actions in the UK for both distributors and customers alike.

When you choose Ztechnique products you can be assured of quality and value for money each time you buy from us.

We are striving to drive down the cost of oil free air

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Element Numbers included

1616580381, 1616585181, 1616590481, 1616595281, 1616630581, 1616635681, 1616672281, 1616679281, 1616747281, 1616718787.

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* Dependant on environmental conditions meet manufacturers standards 

GHH Elements Sigma

Refurbished GHH Elements

Choices available are with *new screws or use original screws, two prices are available
Standard warranty on refurbished GHH Elements is 12 months from commissioning. form submitted (must be within 60 days of supply to qualify)

Element comes with new seals bearings re coated rotors and casting etc * or new screws where requested.

Your old element must be supplied either before the refurbish task or immediately after you install the element.

A Non-Return Charge will apply to all elements not returned in repairable order. For further explanation of NRC contact our office 00 44 (0) 1744 733211 or email us click here 

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Sigma air ends 

Sigma 0, 1, 1a, 2, 2c, 3, 4, 12, 15, 18, 19, 21, 25, 26,27 28, 29, 33, 36, 37, 38, 39, 41, 175, 290, 292 and 293.

Ztechnique Gearboxes

Ztechnique has developed the 2 stage gearbox showcased in our new 2019  product for compressor constructers.

Product introduction:

7 to 10 Bar, Oil Free 2 stage air end with gear box
Model - JS8 - 55-75KW 7.5-10KG 8-12m3/min, replaced by GHH CD8
Model - JS14 - 90-145KW 7.5-10KG 15-22m3/min, Replaced by GHH CD14
Model - JS26 - 160-275KW 7.5-10KG 25-42m3/min, Replaced by GHH CD26

Advantage of JS Ztechnique series
1. Similar to GHH CD series design
2. Using Ztechnique oil free design elements
3. Coating on air ends superior to others in the market
4. '0' oil carryover Ztechnique oil free element.

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Driving down the cost of oil free air

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Ztechnique Element casting quality

Our quality control procedures ensure that our castings and coatings are thoroughly checked before construction takes place in our Merseyside UK assembly plant.

With over 300 Ztechnique elements passing through our workshops in 2019 we are extremely diligent in ensuring that we maintain the lowest possible post sale warranty claims on our products*.

*1% in 2018 / 2019 warranty claims 

Ztechnique Rotor Manufacturing

Ztechnique manufacturers its own oil free element rotors.

Being in complete manufacturing control of our products is essential as an alternative OEM air end producer.

Every air end is tested and adhere to our stringent quality control checks for the rotor itself and the applied coating.

As one of the Worlds largest independent oil free air end producers we sell our products to companies such as Air Liquide, Air Products, Ball, Can Pack, InBev, Babcock , Pepsi, etc,  who demand a very high standard of alternative air end product.