Atlas Copco Genuine and Alternative Spare Parts

We can supply genuine and alternative spare parts to suit a wide range of Atlas Copco equipment that includes ZR ZT ZA ZE ZB MD ZH G ZB ZA CD BD etc equipment.

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Our Ztechnique aftermarket parts are the highest quality for both oil free Z equipment and oil lubricated G equipment. 

Our warranty is equal and sometimes better than the OEM offer...

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Atlas Copco ZR ZT ZA ZE ZH Overhaul kits

The goal of every customer is to minimise downtime for his or her plant.

To this end Ztechnique can often supply a complete boxed kit of parts that can include , HP & LP Air Ends , Complete gearbox with oil pump, main shaft and  complete replacement coolers and overhaul kit parts that includes lubricants and consumable parts.

The savings can be enormous for the customer , particular when the task is international and site spent labour time is costly for the customer.

The example here is a ZR5 for a South African customer that needed to speed up his shutdown. We supplied that complete parts as shown that enable's our engineer to minimise the labour involvement by using the service exchange elements and gearbox as shown.

"Work undertaken in this way can save in excess of 30% on OEM parts and approaches to tasks such as this. Providing a solution that reduces downtime is often a much larger saving than merely the fact that Ztechnique parts and labour are less costly than the OEM." Mark Whalley BDM

So if your business needs overhauls on Atlas Copco oil free equipment consider Ztechnique' s unique approach to tasks and save money in the process.

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