Ztechnique 2 Stage Oil Free Gearbox

Product introduction:
7 to 10 Bar,  Oil Free 2 stage air end with gear box
Model - JS8 - 55-75KW 7.5-10KG 8-12m3/min, replaced by GHH CD8
Model - JS14 - 90-145KW 7.5-10KG 15-22m3/min, Replaced by GHH CD14
Model - JS26 - 160-275KW 7.5-10KG 25-42m3/min, Replaced by GHH CD26
Advantage of JS Ztechnique series 
1. Similar to GHH CD series design 
2. Using Ztechnique oil free design elements 
3. Coating on air ends superior to others in the market 
4. '0' oil carryover Ztechnique oil free element.
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Driving down the cost of oil free air