Ztechnique ZA ZR ZT ZE training programs

Our initial 3 day training program is for compressed air service engineers requiring further skills to service and overhaul Atlas Copco Z equipment.

"Since 1979 I have personally been involved with Atlas Copco oil free and oil flooded products. We can pass on the necessary skills to enable your staff to be able to carry out these vital service actions in the full knowledge that we can not only train you , but support you with any future questions you may have surrounding the maintenance of a Z compressor or MD dryer" MCW BDM Airtec Filtration Ltd 

Trainer Profile Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts Trainer for Ztechnique and GM of the Ztechnique air end facility.

Andrews experience in Oil Free Atlas Copco service is substantial. Since being an apprentice at 16 in Airtec Ltd and his time at Ingersoll Rand as a senior service technician Andrew has developed his skills to manage the Ztechnique air end centre that produces over 200 + refurbished and new oil free alternative Atlas Copco elements for our Worldwide Distributors.,

Andrew has trained more than 100 technicians in 2019 alone from various country's with great success.

" We don't just tell you what is possible we show you. We are proud to be able to share our knowledge of Atlas Copco Z and MD product training with our distributors and customers alike and build a sustainable relationship" Andrew Roberts GM


Atlas Copco MD dryer training

Another essential part of learning the necessary skills to service Atlas Copco equipment is being able to confidently service and overhaul the MD and IMD air dryers.

"Most problems associated with the poor dewpoint of an MD air dryer is normally set up and tuning. So many times we have witnessed poor dewpoint only to find a few adjustments have resulted in -20 dewpoint and a happy customer. We will show you how to correctly undertake the 8000 and 40,000 hour services and overhauls while demonstrating to your customer you have the right tools and knowledge to service his or her equipment for years to come." MCW 

Ztechnique Training Testimonials

In 2019 Air Liquide sent 2 sets of AL Technicians for Ztechnique training from France and French Guyana.

With over 70 oil free Z compressors and air dryers in France alone Air Liquide asked if we could train a batch of there site technicians in the skills to carry out Z and MD service operations. 

Following two successful training courses Air Liquide France subsequently purchased Ztechnique parts and air ends to undertake a Atlas Copco ZR5 overhaul with great success.

"Having carried out the training of the 2 x AL technicians in the UK in the previous month. Airtec Filtrations service engineers worked alongside the AL engineers assisting where necessary to carry out a 80,000 hour ZR5 overhaul with little intervention by our team. Air Liquide later commented that the benefit of now having the in house skills to service and overhaul there own compressors and dryers was a major cost saving to the business." Andrew Roberts GM January 2020




How can we help your maintenance team

Ztechnique are here to help you lower the cost of oil free compressor maintenance. 

We are extending our oil free training capabilities in 2020 with the inclusion of training on Atlas Copco ZH Turbo oil free air compressors.

If you require training on ZR ZT ZA ZE ZH IMD MD equipment please contact us now by clicking here and we will contact you with a price that meets your needs.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Mark Whalley Managing Director 

Our dedicated classroom

Our students are trained not only in a practical sense (hands on)  but also the theory and product knowledge that goes hand in hand with learning these vital skills 

Ztechnique Training Videos

We have put together a range of helpful Atlas Copco equipment oil free training videos that covers air end pinion installs, Throttle overhaul and oil pump service.