Steam Turbine services

Planned overhauls are made easy with our collaborative partners enormous experience.

Having managed countless overhauls over many years, you can rest assured that our highly skilled and motivated field service teams will deliver you outstanding service within your timeframe.

  1. Complete shutdown planning including resources, equipment, spares and scheduling of individual tasks
  2. Development of workpack including inspection & test plans and safety related documentation
  3. Long Term Service Agreements 

Emergency Response

As engineers, we understand what it means when equipment fails to work as you expect. We know it is crucial that your machinery is back working again swiftly and safely.

There’s no room for error, and time is of the essence, which is why you can rely on Airtec's immediate response to your unexpected maintenance requirements, wherever and whenever they may be.

Pre-Shutdown Planning

Achieving a successful overhaul means planning well in advance.

Airtec's pre-shutdown planning provides greater insight into what is needed for the overhaul, giving you greater predictability for cost and time budgeting.

We step in before your planned overhaul begins to provide a detailed scope of the rotating equipment in collaboration with the overhaul shutdown planning.

Also importantly, serviceable spares are critical to the success of rotating equipment overhauls. Airtec's complete onsite inspection of stocked spare parts delivers a detailed report that includes recommendations for repairs and stock shortfalls.

Recent Steam Turbine Overhaul August 2022

Airtec Filtration Ltd has recently overhauled an Elliott YBR Steam turbine at Sedamyl UK in Selby.

The turbine has been running constantly for 9 years before a major service was required. We managed to catch a number of issues before the YBR Turbine condition worsened. 

Wear was found on the main bearings as seen here 

Wear was also found on the carbon seals. 

Some wear was found on the steam injectors 

And small amounts of wear was also found on the turbine blades that was attributed to the steam condition not being ideal for this type of turbine. 

Can we help your business reduce the risk of premature failure on this type of equipment.

Please contact us via this link click here.