Genuine and Aftermarket Parts for Ingersoll Rand Equipment

We can supply genuine and alternative Ingersoll Rand spare parts for customers Worldwide.

We support oil free  Centac, Nirvana & Sierra models of oil free equipment and oil lubricated  models such as the R series for example.

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Aftermarket Centac Coolers

We can supply high quality alternative coolers for Centac oil free centrifugal equipment.

Our parts are of the highest quality and sold complete with a 12 months no quibble warranty.

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Seals & Bearings for Centac

To further compliment our spare parts offering for Ingersoll Rand Centac Centrifugal equipment we have added bearings and seals to our portfolio for 2019..

Check our FAQ listings for troubleshooting your Ingersoll Rand Centac compressor 

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Aftermarket Impellers Ztechnique Brand

Centac Impellers for most Ingersoll Rand centrifugal sizes of Centac compressors available.

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Ingersoll Rand Gear Assembly Centac units

We can supply complete bull gear and pinion assembly for your Centac compressor

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Centac overhaul - Customer Reference

We recently undertook a major overhaul of a five stage Centac compressor in Morocco.

The overhaul consisted of major component replacement and a general overhaul of the gearbox and coolers. 

The compressor had been suffering several surges prior to its overhaul and had overheating cooler issues for some time.

Our engineers worked in challenging ambient conditions to undertake the task in under three weeks down time for the customer.

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