Cameron Spare Parts

We can support spare parts for the TA range of Cameron compressors and MSG TURBO-AIR 2000 equipment.

Parts Supported

  • Rotor assemblies
  • Diffusors
  • Bullgears
  • Bearings
  • Air / oil seals
  • Oil coolers
  • Air coolers TA18 - TA12000
  • Gaskets / gasket sets
  • Couplings
  • Oil filters
  • Air filters
  • Check valves / inlet valves / Bypass valves
  • Sensors
  • Controls
  • Oil

Turbo Air spare parts





Technical Support

Ztechnique offers a full range of repair services, from individual component rejuvenation to complete air end repairs. All repairs are subject to a full inspection and engineering evaluation, and are completed to the highest standards in the industry using processes and components specifically designed for use in Joy, Cooper and Cameron turbocompressors

Cameron Compressor Training

We provide in depth training courses on Cameron compressed air equipment for distributors and end users alike.

Our training module is in three parts.

  • Day 1

    Introduction and share of background, Experience and Expectations from this training

    Presentations of Centac / Cameron models and parts description to include discussion

    Tear down of a TA compressor

    Day 2

    Tear down of machine and start of rebuild

    Day 3

    Rebuild of machine and controls history plus CMC basic understanding

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Cameron compatible air coolers

The air coolers in turbo compressors have a huge influence on their efficiency and thus also on their operating costs. In order to run a compressor economically over the long term, it is therefore extremely important that users of the compressors deploy high quality and technically advanced air coolers.

Ztechnique and its partners  has precisely fulfilled this customer requirement by developing and producing the best quality air coolers currently available on the market for replacement parts. By our advanced production technology, high-quality materials used and a continuous quality control, our air coolers offer a perfect balance between pressure loss and performance values. By that, we can not only guarantee 100% interchangeability, but also assure our customers that our air coolers perform at least as well as the OEM products.

A standard warranty of eighteen months on all our Air coolers witness our focus on a product, meeting the highest quality standards. We furthermore continuously invest to decrease delivery times and therefore operate a stock of Air  coolers, being ready for immediate delivery to the customer.

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