What is a Scroll Design oil free compressor pump

There is a number of applications for quiet and energy-efficient compressors that produce absolutely clean air.

The SF Scroll compressor is made by Atlas Copco.

Its unique characteristics make it ideal for many manufacturing processes for which clean, oil-free compressed air is a prerequisite. That is why the SF is the preferred choice for sensitive indoor environments, like hospitals but also labs, breweries, bakeries, dairy farms, electronics manufacturing, and even lens production.


How does a scroll compressor work?

Here is how a scroll compressor works: Scroll compressors compress a specific amount of air into a continuously decreasing volume. They consist of a fixed scroll in a housing and a motor-driven eccentric, orbiting scroll. These spirals form air pockets with a gradually varying volume, which means that the air pockets they form increase when air enters them and then decrease to generate compressed air. The alignment of the screws provides the scroll elements with radial stability. The process minimizes leakage because the pressure difference in the air pockets is lower than that between the inlet and the outlet. A compression cycle takes 2.5 turns, which virtually guarantees a constant and pulsation-free air flow. That is also the reason why scroll compressors are relatively silent.

Can my scroll compressor be overhauled ?

The simple answer is yes it can

Providing the oil free SF Scroll compressor hasn't sustained significant damage , it can be refurbished.

Ztechnique noticed that customers with this type of equipment where literally throwing away the SF pump at around 30,000 hours use and replacing it with new OEM pumps that cost in the region of £3,000 to £4,000 pounds each !.

Many of the SF compressor types use multiple SF pump units in the compressor construction, so the cost every few years is very high to merely replace the pump with a new OEM stages.

Our business specialises in refurbishing oil free compressors so it was natural that we would investigate and find a repair solution at a much lower price rather than of buying new pumps.

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Be green and repair rather than replace !!




Undergoing a full overhaul of a Atlas Copco SF Scroll compressor pump

First we examine the scrolls themselves for wear and tear. The seals are replaced as part of the overhaul actions

Step two in the SF Scroll overhaul process

The main bearings are extracted and replaced..

The main pump unit is disassembled

The main pump unit and eccentric drive components are taken apart , all parts checked for wear and the worn components like bearings and seals are replaced 

Worn bearings are replaced

All 3 of the driving eccentric spigots are replaced with new bearings and seal assemblies.

Once this is completed the pump is fully reassembled and ready for work again.

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OEM service parts are also available from Ztechnique

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