Atlas Copco 'G' Series elements

We offer a repair or replacement service for customers who either need a service exchange 'G' air end that has accrued its overhaul hours run, or provide a replacement element that has failed in service.

Your air end is at the heart of your compressor. Failing to replace major parts like bearings at the manufactures recommended intervals can be very detrimental to the life of your air end and in some cases render the compressor too expensive to repair.

Oil lubricated screw compressor bearing life is typically in the range of the 25,000-50,000 hours run.

Elements covered 

1613218580, 1613218981, 1616533250, 1616533280, 1616533281, 1616528850, 1616528880, 1616528881, 1616671280, 1616671290, 1616706680, 1616706690, 1616714680, 1616714690, 1616714693, 2989001200, 2989001900, 2989007600, 2989010300, 2989010400, 2989012100, 2989012200, 2989015400, 2989015401, 2989015200, 2989015700, 2989015800, 2989015900, 2989016300.

Whats included in your overhaul

  • Bearings are replaced to manufacture recommended specifications 
  • Rotors are checked and repaired as necessary 
  • Replace all seals, o-rings and gaskets
  • Re set from face and rear face clearance to air end manufacturers specifications
  • Return your air end to its fully operational status 
  • A warranty is provided 


What other services do we offer

We offer a complete service to our customers to ensure your compressor is correctly maintained.

Our service team can provide you with a quotation to remove your air end, motor and gearbox and arrange overhaul of each component as well as undertaking any relevant services your require.

After overhaul we will return your compressor to its optimum running condition

If you need a complete service please contact us 0044 (0) 1744 733211 or email us now by clicking here.


June 2023 News.

We have recently undertaken overhaul / re-bearing of two large oil lubricated air ends from an Atlas Copco GA315 for a USA customer.

The air ends pictured here have been completely overhauled at 50% of the OEM quotation and are for a Kentucky based customer.

We had two GA315 air ends in stock we where able to refurbish and await the return of the old elements from this customer therefore providing a 'service exchange' service.